Friday, March 13, 2009

Funny Man Jon Stewart Shorts Jim Cramer

Funny man, Jon Stewart shorts Financial Guru, Jim Cramer. Stewart pulled no punches and claims that Jim Cramer along with a bunch of other morons was giving the whole country bad advice for stock investing this last year. Yup, Jon Stewart claims that Jim Cramer doesn't have a financial crystal ball after all.

Now, if you aren't familiar with Jim Cramer, he is loud and obnoxious and claims to be your friend. Hmmm, sounds like the familiar era of the "snake oil" salesman. Even though he has wild mannerisms and you know he is obviously full of it, you can't help but like him if you are the type that likes to try to time the stock market. He definitely brings some excitement to "bland TV", for that reason alone, I think Jon Stewart should lay off. (nah, not really, I like the comedy better)

So what is this feud about? Jon boy said "the "mad man" Cramer and the financial industry was guilty of the sin of omission." (I guess that is like when a guy tells his girlfriend he is sterile because his last girlfriend didn't get pregnant the one time they had unprotected sex. ) We aren't hearing the total truth from these gurus, are we?

At the end of their recent meeting, the two kissed and made up. They agreed that the financial industry needs to be put through public scrutiny by the so-called press. So now Cramer can go back to comedy and Stewart can go back to financial reporting or is it the other way around?

- The Slanted View

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who is Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Caycee was this dude that live from 1877-1945. The amazing thing about him is that he is probably more popular now than when he was alive. I think it is really "cool" when someone is made "bigger than life." (hmm, guess that is where that saying comes from, he's bigger now than when alive) Back to Edgar - he was a pretty cool psychic with some awesome healing abilities so the legend goes. It is claimed that his patients recovered miraculously from all sort of ailments.

Edgar Cayce definitely had some really unorthodox methods of healing that would have to be classified as "holistic healing." Some people would consider this a load of "crap", but me, being the totally biased and un-biased individual that I am, (depends on the moment) always tries to look at the "other side." Some of his remedies were concoctions from many different sorts of herbs. (Sounds similar to the modern doctor and the drug store - poor old people)

O.k., ask me if any of his stuff worked? Hmm, don't really know, but coming from the "other side", I would have to guess there must be some benefit and truth to what he did. I have found that when something sticks around through time, with enough followers, that there is usually some validity to it. (Even though it may be mixed in with lots of dogma)

- The Other Side

Forbes Rich List

Bill Gates tops the "Forbes Rich List" again as being the world's richest man. There are only 793 billionaires left on the list. -Oh those poor slobs who got kicked off the billionaire list this year; all 332 of them. Hmmm, what do you think happens to them now? Food stamps? Nah. Now, I have nothing against the rich (actually I wish I had a few as good friends), but I seriously doubt any are having any major problems. (Maybe exceot for the Madoff dude?)

Warren Buffet was number two on the Forbes rich list. Guess in the long run, the stock market still performs. He sneaked into the number one place last year to temporarily replace Gates as his shares soared to awesome highs. Poor fellow, now he has to settle for the number two spot again and he's looking at familiar site of Bill Gate's behind..

Wow, the U.S. still dominates the land of billionaires with 55 billionaires on the list!

You know, one billion is a hard number to conceive of how big it really is. Let's see if someone earns $50, 000 a year then it would take 20 years for them to earn a big million dollar bill. So how long would it take to earn a billion? Damn dude, it would take along time. It would take 20 thousand years long. Dude Jesus was born a little over 2,000 years ago. He would just be beginning to spend his fortune at $50,000 a year....This doesn't include interest. Big "Bill" has 40 times a billion. Can you imagine that? That's a lot of dough. Jesus plus his 12 disciples could all have spent a $1000 a day for the last 2000 years and still not have put a big dent in Bill Gates pile. Dude, I need a friend with that kind of bank roll.

This kind of money is awesome to contemplate! One of the really cool things about the two richest dudes, Bill and Warren, is that they are giving huge boat loads of their money to charity and other good causes! This is the other side of the story.

- The Other Side

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Return of Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson has decided to come out of retirement. I'm of the age where I remember "Thriller." Michael Jackson was undoubtedly the GOD of pop. He was always a little weird before he got a lot weird, but Hey, that is what music stars do.

I was reading on that the dates for his Grand Finally will be July 8th and then he'll perform every other night until July 18th. Then July 22nd, 24th, 26, and 28th. These are scheduled to be at London's O2 Arena, which indicates I won't be there unless I make some real money and make it fast. Would I go if I had the choice? To be honest, I don't know. He's weird, but I love some of the music and the energy is awesome.

Hmmm, I do have some good memories of him. 1) The 1st time I some him moon walk...It was much more amazing then the 700th time I saw it. 2) The Thriller Album. Everyone owned it at least once. (Not Really, but we weren't suppose to trust those over 30 years old that didn't) 3) The BEAT of the music. Yes, he mesmerized a generation, regardless of what you think about him today.

If you really wanted to go, could you even get tickets? Can you imagine a bunch of 40-60 year old rokers getting their groove on? Maybe I'll win the lottery! Maybe I can get a hold of pair of Michael Jackson Tickets. I could sell them and retire :)

The Slanted View

Is Tina Davis the Chris Brown Vixen?

According to some reports, Tina Davis is the vixen who sent Chris Brown a text message that supposedly caused the Rihanna Beatings. What a frickin crock. This girl was beaten and bruised, but the cause is not because someone sent Chirs Brown a text. If Chris Brown did it, then he is the cause. Period. These two (Tina and Chris) were rumored to be having an affair, but come on people, does that create the reason for Chris Brown's alleged bad behaviour? Doesn't anyone believe this guy should take personal responsibility for what he did? Call me opinionated but I think if he claims he did for any reason from an outside source, then he should get some extra credit. A LONGER JAIL Term.

The Slanted Truth